my precious boys

my precious boys
at brady's 2nd birthday party

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

project 31: day 3 a photo that makes me happy!

This picture makes me so very happy, for so many reasons! The sweet smile that he has on his little face really does make everything in the world alright. No matter what kind of day I've had, or what else is going on in my life....He ALWAYS makes it better. He displays pure joy very often, and I find it contagious!! Being outside makes him so happy, which makes me so happy.
When I look at this, I just go to pieces. I STILL can't believe that he is ours to keep forever! What a wonderful blessing he is! He brings me so much joy and laughter...and it grows everyday! I am so lucky that God choose ME to be his mommy. I can just sit and stare at him. That seems to never get old.
I try to take every little moment that I can and use it to make memories with him. He is growing and changing each day. I say ALL the time, I wish that I could just "push pause" on our life right now. It's so much fun to play with him and hear his sweet belly laugh. It makes me smile every time! I do some of the most ridiculous things to make that kid laugh, and I don't even care. I like to be silly with him.....and he likes it too!
I can't imagine my life without him in it. He makes every day sweeter, the best little hugs and kisses I've ever had. Can your son be your one true soul mate??? I don't mean that in a weird way at all....just this kind of all I will ever need.

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