my precious boys

my precious boys
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Saturday, April 30, 2011

31 days....

OK. So my bff inspired me (once again:). She is doing a blogging project called 31 days. Each day had a different topic to write about! I have to admit that as badly as I wanted to start a blog, I was having trouble coming up with stuff to talk about.
      So here goes! Day one: My favorite beauty products.....grab some popcorn. this might be a long one:)

Most of you probably know that I've worked with Aveda products for over 10 years now! They are incredible products.....hard to have a fave, but i have a few!! I color my hair much more than the average soul....and without Damage Remedy Intensive Hair Repair, my hair would have fallen out years ago! This is a masque-like treatment that delivers both strentghening protein and moisture that leaves your hair super soft!! I use it about 2 times a week. It's amazing. If your hair is dry or lacks strength or shine it's a MUST try!! I also happen to know a great place to get it :)
   I also love Aveda's skin care line for acne treatment called Outer Peace. I use the acne pads at night. They don't dry me out or irritate my skin at all. I even cut the pads in half to make them go longer...then the best part is that after you use up all the pads, there is extra liquid product in the bottom that you can soak up with your own cotton pads!!! They help to control excess oil and breakouts....and they WORK.

Now onto sephora!!
   sooooo many things that I love!!! sephora brand eyeliners are awesome... they glide on smoothly(no tugging) and the color is long lasting!! i use navy, dark brown and black. I think they are $13? super reasonable!
again, sephora brand powder foundation! I have oily skin and I like medium to full coverage...this has a nice matte finish. It covers nicely and still feels light weight...MAGIC
While I'm on the subject of powder foundations, I can not leave out Aveda's Dual Finish. It's amazing....awesome coverage...feels great! looks even better, and its only $20? I LOVE THAT!! It also comes with the best application sponge ever. Although, you can control the coverage by applying with a kabuki brush(for lighter coverage) or the sponger for fuller coverage!

Beauty Tools:
Aveda's wooden paddle brush. Hands down, best brush ever. No matter what your hair type...its awesome! feels great on your scalp and it's big so you can work faster!!
CHI still wins my vote for best flat iron. enough said.....
my favorite curling irons are Hot Tools brand. You can get them at Sally's Beauty Supply...they are inexpensive and they get SUPER hot....

LANCOME.....ALL THE WAY. I have a little obsession....I have bought them all....literally....but lancome will always be my #1....along with their lash primer/booster. This one actually improves the condition of your lashes...and makes your mascara go on better. IT'S A MUST HAVE.

Back to skin care for a minute:
As I mentioned, I have oily skin. Clinique makes an oily skin formula liquid soap. I had used it a long time ago when it first came out....then forgot about it. I just got some a couple of weeks ago and I'm in love all over again!! It has a little bit of menthol in it( which feels so good) it takes off all the dirt and traces of makeup, leaving my skin feeling super clean and cool. Also without a trace of shine, but not tight!! LOVE IT!! Along with that, I also started using their clarifying lotion #4 again....I forgot how cool and tingly it was. I used to use all of their skin care...(I worked for them for about 5 years....when i was in school) and i still really love their products!!!

Styling Products
1) Aveda's Damage Remedy Daily Hair a leave in conditioner. Balanced with both protein and moisture (a must for damaged hair) so light weight...can not even feel it! smells amazing!!
2) Aveda's Light Elements Smoothing can use this wet and dry...smoothes, tames frizz, boosts a thermal protectant! and is light as a feather!!! MUST HAVE for any hair type:)
3)Aveda's Volumizing Tonic VA VA VA VOOM!!! If you like big hair (you know I do) than you will love this!! You spray it on the roots while damp...and blow dry! and ta-daaaa!
4)Aveda's Air Control Hairspray....Magic! It's so light weight and sprays on so can layer it for stronger hold. It's great to use as a "working spray" so before or after a flat iron, or curling iron...or rollers....LOVE THIS SPRAY
5)Sebastion's Shaper Plus Hairspray....I've loved this for years....great hold. not stiff or sticky....It was my wedding spray.....and I got married on the beach and it was SUPER windy!!! It stood up to it all!!!

Well, I hope that this was helpful! I really enjoyed writing know I love beauty products.....I feel like I might have left some things out.....if I did, I'll repost:)

       Till tomorrow........

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