my precious boys

my precious boys
at brady's 2nd birthday party

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

can you actually die from embarrassment???

 It's something that I have wondered many times....but actually thought it might be possible this past Sunday.
     After eating Easter lunch with my family, we all continued to sit at the table and chat it up.(my most fave part post meal) Brady Hayes climbed up into my lap....and with such a sweet expression on his face, proceded to pull the front of my shirt down and yell " look! mommy's ti*$......OMG i could feel my face turning an awful shade of red.... I could NOT believe that just came out of his mouth. Where had he heard that??? I have been known to say a bad word or two...but NEVER that word. I hate that word. My husband doesn't say that.....
     So how do kids know to say things like that? I mean, at the dinner table. Really??? He never ceases to amaze me with his vocabulary....but out of all the things to say.......geez. Thanks BHH. Everyone laughed....and i have to admit, it was funny.

Each day, I become more aware of how much he is listening and watching. It makes me nervous because I want to set a good example for him, but sometimes it's just plain hard. How can one tiny little person know so much????

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